Stuck in a Rut? Try This.

If we accept the belief that we are what we repeatedly do, then what we repeatedly do becomes a habit.


Some habits are healthy. They propel us forward and help us live more productive and satisfying lives.


On the other hand, some are destructive behaviors that stand in the way of our achieving our goals and living our lives to their full potential.


Human beings like us are creatures of habit.  For good or bad, the habits and routines we build into our lives comfort us. They’re reassuring.  We can depend on them.  That’s why they’re so hard to change. That’s why it’s easier for us to maintain bad habits than create new ones.


It’s also true that what we say to ourselves, has an enormous effect of how we perceive ourselves to be.  And other people begin to see us that way as well. So, negative self-talk, becomes nothing more than a habit that’s hard to break and we’re stuck in a rut.


So what about this: Instead of focusing on bad habits, focus on three things you’ve always wanted to do and never thought you could.  Start small. Do it for 30 days. Do it consistently. Then tell me how you did.


For a little motivation, here’s what one man did on his 30 day challenge, and the difference it made in his life.


Think about what it could do for you.

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