The Art of Procrastination

Fess up.  At some point, and for better or for worse, procrastination has played a role in everyone’s life.  Even yours.

It’s one of those things a lot of us have gotten used to and even taken for granted. It may even give us a false sense of comfort. 

Who hasn’t said, ‘I’ll wait for tomorrow’, to cop out of something onerous in lieu of doing something today that was more fun, took less thought, or was just plain easier?

But make no mistake. 

While we may be able to get away with it to some extent in our personal lives, procrastination is not a business strategy. Put something off for too long and you’re treading on dangerous ground.

Just ask Tim Urban, a remarkably funny and insightful writer, who’s blogs often explore his own human idiosyncrasies. His blogs on procrastination, are simple and brilliant.  In fact he’s elevated procrastination to an art form everyone can relate to.

He hits all the right triggers and tickles a lot of funny bones. After all, human nature is human nature.  We’re all different, yet we share the same fears and phobias. Tim just has a knack for helping us understand we’re not alone.

When TED asked him what he wanted to speak about, it took him so long to respond he figured he would talk about what he knew best – hence  “Tim Urban Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator.” 

Listen and enjoy. It will give you a fresh perspective on why you do what you do, and perhaps even help get the demons off your back.  You’ll also laugh.  A lot.

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