What is Sustainability?

Institute for Sustainability
Sustainability means different things to different companies as well as industries. It began as the concept of becoming more environmentally friendly and paying more attention to conserving our planet’s resources.

It’s a trend that has turned into a viable business strategy. It takes into account how well a business is set up to survive and flourish, including economic considerations, government and regulation issues, as well as relationships with employees, customers, and the community in which it operates.

The Commonalities of Sustainability

No matter your type (profit or nonprofit) or size of business or your industry, sustainability creates a competitive business advantage while positively affecting the physical environment.

Creating sustainability is a business strategy where the alignment of all organizational components is far stronger than any one individual component. The individual components include people, process, and the environment. When all three are aligned and focused on common goals and objectives, the advantage is substantial. Sustainability fosters long-term growth, systems thinking, profitability, customer loyalty, and community stewardship.

Our Approach

Strategic Solutions is a member of the Institute for Sustainability. We excel in helping companies define and align the components that make them strong and successful. We also help you take a longer view so your career or company continues to thrive beyond the immediate moment.