But Do They Listen to You?

Big meeting.  Sales presentation. In-laws anniversary party. If you’re like most people, public speaking doesn’t come naturally to you.

The truth is that while most people prepare diligently and may even know their lines by heart, they’re so concerned with themselves and their presentation, they fail to remember that when we speak, the intent is to get other people to listen.

In business, we know that, listening is perhaps the greatest and most neglected sales tool we have.

How good are you at making people want to listen to you? You can’t force them, but you can make them want to.

There’s a difference.

As David Ogilvy once said, “Music has no meaning if the audience is deaf.’

While you may use the right words and correct sentence structure, everyone turns a ‘deaf ear’ when your delivery is monotonous and unappealing.

Julian Treasure is an internationally recognized speaker, communicator, and Founder and Chairman of The Sound Company, a British company whose focuses on how brands ‘sound.’

‘How to Speak So That People Want to Listen’ ranks among the Top 25 TED talks of all time.

This short video gives you the skinny on how you can become a powerful speaker.  One that people want to listen to.


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