Coaching in Business

Career / business coaching with the right coach speeds development, growth and resultsBusiness success is much like victory is to athletes. During exhaustive and extensive hours of training, there must be an almost fanatical level of commitment and intensity, as well as physical effort. Being coached by the right professional is crucial.

Why Have a Coach?

Whether an employee, a CEO or senior manager, or a business owner, it’s been proved many times over that being coached makes a significant, positive contribution to your success.

Your Strategic Solutions coach helps you reap a variety of benefits from coaching, such as uncovering your potential, setting clearly defined goals, and developing the action plans to achieve your desired results.

He or she also helps you learn to successfully navigate constant change with less stress and more satisfaction.

Our coaching services are based on simple and effective processes that organize the hard work of personal development. Your coach will discuss your needs and then construct a personalized program to directly address them.

What to Expect from Coaching

The number one rule in being coached is you get out of it what you put into it. Your coach is responsible for guiding you through carefully selected material and helping you be accountable to yourself.

Regarding the logistics of coaching, you will:

  • Meet in-person or by phone with your coach for a pre-defined series of sessions.
  • Have some reading (or audio versions, if you prefer) assignments to complete in-between sessions.
  • Take one or more assessments online. Your coach will review your results with you and help you apply what you learn.