Kindness: It Doesn’t Cost Much to Change a Life

It’s Thanksgiving, and time once again to express our thanks and appreciation to all who’ve contributed to our lives and well-being. But we do that throughout the year, don’t we?


  • We’re compassionate and sympathetic when those around us go through a rough patch. We’re there for them, and try to help.
  • We’re grateful, and freely thank those whose presence and support have helped enrich our lives.
  • We actively contribute to causes that are meaningful to us, our businesses, and our communities.
  • We participate in events and activities that benefit the greater good (and gain visibility for our businesses in the process).


We get to choose which charities and organizations get our support. We can’t help everyone. It would cost too much.  After all, we’re not made out of money. But we don’t need to be.


Sometimes the most meaningful contributions we can make don’t cost a  dime.  We don’t need to open our piggy banks. We just need to open our hearts. We need to be kinder.  When we are, we find that we not only light up someone else’s life, we light up our own.


In this little video, you’ll see that everyone has the capacity to add meaning to other people’s lives. The greatest gifts we can give each other are demonstrated through compassion, empathy, gratitude and kindness.  We can change lives by shifting our perspective, being sensitive to other’s needs, and by filling them, we make a difference.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today’s blog was written by Nessa Goodson, a brand consultant, strategist, writer and ghost-blogger. She helps small businesses find their stories, enabling them to build a brand – and a business – that’s both memorable and compelling. Your story matters.

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