Preventive Medicine Can Improve Employee Retention

Business owners and managers are often blindsided when a good employee quits.  Too bad, because a little preventive medicine could go a long way to increase retention, loyalty and  good will.


A degree of turnover is expected.  It’s a given; but  good, trusted employees are assets, and their departure hits us where it hurts. We depend on them.  We don’t need to keep an eye out because we know we can rely on them to do the right thing and protect our best interests.


Loyal employees bring real value to our businesse that equates to sustainable and increased growth, fewer headaches, less stress.


When they up and quit, we feel betrayed.  We shouldn’t though because it’s our own fault.  We assume they know they’re appreciated, but how many times have we actually told them that? Have we ever demonstrated that we’re interested in them as people?


You see, they’ve met out needs, but we may not have met theirs; and oftentimes we don’t realize that until it’s time for the inevitable exit interview.  By that time, it’s too late.


Too many business owners and managers have said ‘I wish I had known.  I would have fixed it.’ I’d have offered them more money. Yes, sometimes a bigger paycheck works, but more than likely it won’t.  Employees want more than that these days.  They want to belong.  They want to believe their contributions to the company are recognized. Sometimes they just wish they’d gotten a thank you for a job well done.


We’ve come a long way since the days employers thought company loyalty could be bought. Small business especially realizes the role employees play in keeping their business not only alive, but well and thriving.


Remember Ed Koch?  That bigger than life, brash and quirky Mayor of New York and one of the few who served 3 terms in office? He used to greet his constituents with “How’m I doin” all the time – not just when he was running for office.


Maybe employers would be best served by meeting with their employees  regularly and asking them the same thing? Employee retention and satisfaction is vital.


Call it a check up.  A little preventive medicine. Getting to know them both as employees and as human beings can nip problems in the bud.


Find out how they’re doing.

  • Ask them how they think you’re doing
  • What do they like best about their work?
  • What would they like to change?
  • Where do they think the company can improve
  • What ideas do they have?
  • What about their own aspirations?
  • What kind of feedback do they get and what ideas do they have that could benefit us?


Show an interest and appreciation in their contributions.  Ask about their families.  What do they enjoy outside of work? What are their goals?


Remember, you may be the backbone of your business but you employees are its heart and soul. They helped you build your brand. Their input and feedback is the pulse of your operation and vital to your success.


Let them know that.


So tell me, “How’m I doin”?

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