Leadership Development

How Strategic Solutions Works - Collaboration, Questions, DiscussionWhether we are coaching an individual one-on-one or facilitating group learning, each person going through any of these programs improves their self-management skills, productivity, and emotional intelligence.

As their improvements become habits, the positive effects ripple out through the organization.

If a team goes through one of these programs together, the positive results are multiplied in reach and effectiveness as the group’s performance, communication, and interpersonal skills improve.

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Leadership Development & CoachingEmployees (Individually or
As Part of Team or Department)
Team Leaders
(Individually or In Groups)
(Individually or In Groups)
(Individually or In Groups)
or Solopreneur
Executive Leadership ProgramNot usuallyDependsDependsYesYes
Management LeadershipIf high potentialDependsYesYesYes
Team LeadershipYesYesDependsDependsDepends
Sales LeadershipSales People: Yes
Other Employees: Possibly
Sales Team Leaders: Yes
Other Team Leaders: Possibly
Sales Managers: Yes
Other Managers: Possibly
Time Strategies Yes Yes Yes YesYes
Youth Leadership (Ages 13-18)Yes if in correct age groupNot applicableNot applicableNot applicable Not applicable