Why Being Happy Inspires Success

Do you think success breeds happiness, or that happiness breeds success?


So many people fall into the trap of saying, ‘I’ll be happy when….’.  When what?  Why not now?


Our minds have a way of playing tricks on us.  We see a picture of a successful business person, with a big smile, exuding all the confidence in the world and it’s easy to think, ‘Wow, if I was that successful, I’d be happy too.’  But, I bet, if you saw a picture of the same person before he achieved success, chances are he’d look the same.  Only our perception of it would be different.


A lot of research has gone into proving that without a doubt, happy people seem more destined to succeed.


Why? Because a happy mindset is a positive mindset. By it’s very nature, it effects both mind and body.  It’s expansive and  contributes to all the positive traits – and strengths – we associate with leaders we most admire. They attract success – or just possibly their very natures make them open to opportunities that breed it.


On the other hand, many of those who plod away, nose to the grindstone often wouldn’t recognize success, if it walked up to them and said, ‘I’m yours.’ Their minds and bodies are closed to possibility.


In this very funny and inspiring TED Talk, Harvard lecturer Shawn Achor, author of ‘The Happiness Advantage,’ shines his insights on  why positive and happy people have a natural affinity for success. Give it a listen.  It’s short, engaging and will absolutely add a smile to your day.



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