Sales is a Process- Step 1 is Trust

Sales is a process that involves many steps. The first and most important step is to realize that people normally do not like to be sold. People want to buy and believe that the person who is doing the selling is there to help them. So like in any process when two people meet for the first time there is an introduction. You can only meet a person for the first time once so it is important that it be a good experience.  The buyer wants the potential seller to be a person they can trust. Remember, the buyer is going to give some hard earned money to the seller in exchange for goods or services. The buyer wants the seller to be friendly, understanding, concerned and knowledgeable. The buyer normally has many options for selecting a product or service therefore within less than a minute, the seller must approach the buyer with a positive attitude that makes the buyer believe that you are a person they potentially could trust.  So if you are looking for ways to improve your sales think about how you are approaching people for the first time and decide if you were the buyer would you trust this sales person?

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