Win or Lose, Everyone Wins

Some game, huh?


The average price of a seat to Super Bowl 50 was reported to be $4,841.


They estimated over 115 million fans were watching from home or local venues.


Advertisers shelled out $5M for 30 seconds of airtime.


Fortunes were made and spent on the event.


Bronco’s won.  Panthers lost. You know that.


But let me ask you a question: Do you think the fans who shelled out thousands to see their team lose got as much value from their investment as the ones who saw their team win?


You betcha!


Was the experience was less valuable for them than for the those on the winning side?


Not for a minute.


Regardless of what side they rooted for, I believe they all felt like winners.


For most, it was the experience of a lifetime.  One they could tell their friends about.  They had stories they would remember all their lives.


An event comes and goes in a few short hours. The way it made them feel will last a lifetime.


That’s the takeaway for  small business.


The experience we give our customers lasts longer than the exchange of dollars. How you make them feel provides value that goes beyond the inanimate object they may buy. The experience is what matters. Make them feel good,  provide quality service and live up to your promises and you have fans for life.


People like us whose true value is more  contingent  on people than on the products we sell, understand that customer loyalty is our biggest win.


We need to spend more time focusing on how we can become their favorite team.  Once we do, we’ll have diehard fans for life.


Remember, Super Bowsl come once a year.  You get a chance to wow them every day.


Can you handle it?  I bet you can.  That way, everyone wins.


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