Assessments catalog talents, behavior styles, and values that drive your success.Assessments are professional tools that are essential to understand culture and behaviors.

As with tires on a vehicle, alignment between processes, people, and strategy is a major factor affecting your business’ ability to get to your destination.

This is true for individuals, within groups and teams, and for the organization as a whole. If those three things aren’t aligned, they’ll use up more resources than needed and wear people down.

Get Information, Not a Scorecard

Strategic Solutions uses assessments to:

  • Diagnose critical challenges within an organization.
  • Shed light on interpersonal relationships and communication styles.
  • Highlight obstacles to organizational effectiveness.

They are not about labeling, nor are they to be used in isolation. They provide key information to be considered alongside performance metrics, culture, and other aspects affecting the organization’s success.

They also help guide us in coaching individuals and facilitating group sessions.

The Value of Assessments

The data obtained from these tools can be used to:

  • Diagnose organizational strengths and areas for potential development.
  • Evaluate organizational strengths and weaknesses in order to take action on exactly the right issues.
  • Identify individual behavioral dimensions that then can be leveraged to create high performing teams.
  • Improve communication and team effectiveness by focusing on each person’s unique decision-making style.
  • Understand which values are and are not important to employees to more finely tune employee engagement efforts.

How Our Assessments Work

All of our tools can be taken online at the convenience of the individual.

The DIALOG organizational tool is structured to provide complete participant anonymity. It provides the privacy required to obtain open and honest feedback in an organization.

Talent Insights: integrates the behaviors
individuals bring to the job and the driving forces that motivate them.
Yes Yes Yes
TriMetrix® HD: Provides insight into 4 different behavior styles, 12 driving forces, and a hierarchy of competencies. Yes YesYes
Sales Skills Index: Can your people sell? Do they understand the sales process? Are they treating each sales situation the way top salespeople do? Yes Yes Yes
OD Surveys Plus Provides an efficient alternative to the labor-intensive survey process. Now your organization can quickly identify the types of interventions required to grow.NoYesYes
DIALOG: Assesses alignment in seven important areas across the group or organization.NoMinimum number of participants needed to ensure anonymity.Minimum number of participants needed to ensure anonymity.

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